Welcome Week

Exciting activities and time-honored traditions

Enjoy a community of diverse, smart, interesting people that will make you glad you chose to become a Hoosier. That, in a nutshell, is Welcome Week. Whether you’re new or returning to IU, these events will help you prepare for a successful year and experience what it means to be an IU student. Programs are planned for students as they arrive on campus and will occur both in person (following stated university guidelines) and virtually. Welcome programs will continue into the semester and as Hoosiers start—and continue—their Hoosier Experience.

Welcome Week for me was a time that I got to see all that IU had to offer and a way for me to meet my peers and make IU seem smaller. I definitely would say this is a time to find your place and build a great community on campus.

Lawrence Williams, O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs