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FYE Hoosier Experience How to
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[Upbeat music plays.]

[Video: The screen looks like a white sheet of paper. A graphic appears over the paper with a badge icon with a check mark on it, and the words Hoosier Experience.]

Narrator: We know you're excited and ready to start creating your own unique Hoosier experience. And we’re here to help you get started.

[Video: Several small videos appear one at a time in a grid formation. They feature students engaged in different activities, like community service, cultural exhibitions, and cheering at a sporting event.]

Narrator: The Hoosier Experience program is a way for you to make your first year truly your own.

[Video: The videos fade away and the screen shows the white paper background. The words your first year appear at the top of the screen. Then words appear as they are read: academics and careers, arts and humanities, equity and inclusion, health and wellness, leadership and engagement, tradition and community.]

Narrator: With events and activities that will help you learn more about academics and careers, arts and humanities, equity and inclusion, health and wellness, leadership and engagement, and tradition and community.

[Video: The words disappear, and drawings of red tulips pop up at the bottom of the screen. Then a drawing of the Sample Gates appears behind the tulips. Then graphics of a trophy and a certificate appear above the Sample Gates.]

Narrator: The Hoosier Experience program will help you explore IU and expand your world. And you can even earn incentives as you participate.

[Video: The drawing disappears. The words how it works appear on the left and graphic of a phone appears on the right. The IU logo appears on the phone screen with the words IU mobile, find events and opportunities.]

Narrator: Here's how it works. Use the IU Mobile app to find events and opportunities.

[Video: The words on the phone float up and disappear. The be involved logo appears on the phone with the words explore your pathways, track your progress.]

Narrator: And log into be involved to explore your pathways and track your progress.

[Video: The words and graphics float off screen. The words three Hoosier Experience tiers appears.]

Narrator: As you complete activities and get involved on campus, you'll move through three Hoosier Experience tiers.

[Video: The words float up and off screen. A circle floats up from the bottom to the center of the screen. It has a number one above it. A graphic of a magnifying glass and the word explore are in the center of the circle.]

Narrator: Dip your toe in all the IU offers as you explore in tier one.

[Video: An arrow appears that connects circle one to circle two which floats up from the bottom of the screen. Circle two has the word engage and a megaphone graphic in the center.]

Narrator: Dig in deeper as you engage with events and organizations in tier two.

[Video: An arrow appears that connects circle two to circle three which floats up from the bottom of the screen. Circle three has the word reflect and a lightbulb graphic in the center.]

Narrator: And take a moment to reflect on your experience in tier three.

[Video: An arrow appears that connects circle three to a final circle which floats up from the bottom of the screen. The last circle has the word earn and a certificate graphic in the center. A check mark appears next to the word earn.]

Narrator: When you complete each tier, you'll earn exclusive IU swag.

[Video: A number six appears in the first circle, then a number three appears in circle two, and then a number one appears in circle three. Then a three appears in the final circle.]

Narrator: You'll need six activities to complete tier one, three activities to complete tier two, and only one activity to complete tier three. That's three tiers and three different incentives.

[Video: The graphics float off screen and a laptop graphic appears with the be involved logo on its screen. Then the laptop floats away and the badge with a check mark graphic from earlier appears.]

Narrator: Then when you complete all three and record your participation in beINvolved, you'll earn the first year Hoosier Experience achievement award.

[Video: The badge disappears and the video grid showing students in different activities appears again.]

Narrator: So go ahead, start exploring, engaging and creating a Hoosier experience that is uniquely yours.

[Video: The video grid disappears, and the screen goes black. The IU trident logo and the words First Year Experience Programs appears, with the website address f y e dot Indiana dot e d u.]

Narrator: FYE is here with you every step of the way.

[The upbeat music grows louder then fades.]

[End of transcript.]

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Explore events and activities in each category

Academics & Careers: You can be anything you want to be. Take advantage of the many opportunities to learn about different majors and careers to begin to plot your next steps.

Arts & Humanities: IU has a myriad of arts and culture venues, performances, and exhibits. Attend a virtual performance, visit a museum virtually or in person, or create your own work to keep the arts as part of your experience.

Equity & Inclusion: Our community is home to many different voices and experiences. Take the time to have conversations, listen to other perspectives, and learn about other ways of being.

Health & Wellness: Your physical and mental health are important. Explore the many resources on campus designed to help you live a balanced and healthy life.

Leadership & Engagement: Getting involved on campus and in the community are important parts of your Hoosier Experience. Participate in student organizations, volunteer in the community, and develop valuable skills.

Tradition & Community: Explore the diverse traditions that link you to past, present, and future Hoosiers. Find the communities that make Indiana University feel like home.

Keep in mind that IU events will be guided by a protocol created for the safety of all participants. This is not optional—it is designed to help us curb the spread of COVID-19. Each Hoosier must do their part to make in-person events safe so that we can continue to support on-campus connections.

Explore the Hoosier Experience

Download the IU Mobile app to start creating your first-year experience. Log in and find “First Year Experience” to explore the Hoosier Experience event schedule, learn about helpful resources, and connect to campus—all from your phone!