Advising and Registration

Meet with an advisor to make a plan

Your academic advising appointment is when you’ll meet with an advisor to talk through your academic plan, including your intended major and classes you plan to take. You will leave this session with your schedule for your first semester at IU!

You will receive your specific advising appointment time during your orientation check-in.

If you haven’t already, visit the Orientation Portal to make your orientation reservation which will include your academic advising and course registration meeting.

Prior to your academic advising appointment, you must:
  • Complete any required online exams. We encourage you to take your placement tests at least 48 hours before your advising appointment to ensure your scores are available.
  • Complete the required New Student Orientation Canvas site so that your academic advisor can review your information before meeting with you. Confirm that you completed the module for the academic unit that you identified in your Orientation Portal. Completing the wrong module will affect your NSO advising appointment and course registration.
  • Review your FYE Checklist to make sure you’re on track.
  • For international students, review and complete all remaining tasks on your Pre-Arrival Checklist in Atlas (look under Requests).