For Families

This is when you show your Hoosier pride

We are excited to welcome you and your student to the IU family. The IU pride runs far and deep—with over 725,000 IU alumni living around the world—ready to shout “I-U” at a moment’s notice. And we know that you are at the center of your student’s success. You’ve gotten them this far. Now let us help you get them the rest of the way. We hope the information we share helps you support your student as they begin their IU journey.

Our goal for our NSO program is always to prepare your student to be successful at IU. Make sure your student enters your email address in their Orientation Portal so we can send you information related to their NSO. They can even grant you guest access to the Orientation Portal.

Attending NSO

We encourage students to bring an adult guest to the in-person program as we offer a track that runs concurrently with the student program. Due to space, students should limit to 1–2 adult guests. Please wait until your student makes their NSO reservation before booking travel.

For family members unable to attend NSO: We encourage you to explore our Resources pages, where you will find current information as well as any available videos or recordings. Check back for updates often made throughout NSO and your student’s first year.