Incoming freshmen and transfer students who already possess strong Calculus skills but do not have credit for Calculus may choose to take the Calculus Placement Exam. If a student scores between 20–24 on this exam, they can obtain credit for one semester of Calculus (MATH-M 211) for 4 credit hours and confidently continue studying mathematics at a more advanced level. The exam covers the topics normally taught in MATH-M 211.

Please see the MATH-M 211 course description for more course-related information.

Additional information about other math placement and exemption exams is available on the Department of Mathematics Calculus Placement and Exemption Exams website. A sample Calculus exam can also be found on this website.

The Department of Biology offers two optional exemption exams, one for each of its foundational lecture courses. Students can take both exams, or just one, to earn course credit. Each exam can only be taken once. Consider taking these exams only if you have received excellent grades in two years of high school biology. Academic credit may be awarded for BIOL-E 111 and BIOL-E 112. Credit earned through testing will appear as BIOL-E 111 and BIOL-E 112, and students will earn a grade of S (Satisfactory). This credit satisfies the BIOL-L 111 and BIOL-L 112 course requirements for biology majors and other science majors, but it carries no lab credit. Credit through testing can also apply toward College of Arts and Sciences N&M distribution requirements. The exam covers the topics normally taught in BIOL-L 111 and BIOL-L 112.

More details and links to sign-up for this exam will be available through students’ Orientation Portal and confirmation page, once they have registered for New Student Orientation.

Please see the BIOL-E 111/L 111 and BIOL-E 112/L 112 course descriptions for more course-related information.

Additional information about Biology credit-by-testing is available on the Department of Biology Frequently Asked Questions website. A sample test is not available.

Some international students may benefit by taking the Indiana Academic English Test (IAET). At orientation, your academic advisor will discuss this with you, and, if beneficial, will share how to sign up for this online exam.

Need Testing Accommodations?

If you have a diagnosed disability that affects your performance on timed tests, and you receive testing modifications at your current school or have received extended time on your SAT or ACT exam, you may request testing modifications for placement exams taken as part of New Student Orientation.

You will have the opportunity to indicate that you require testing modifications or similar support during the academic year from Accessible Educational Services (AES). We will connect you with AES to file the proper documentation.

Learn about AES