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Experience IU to it's fullest!

Experience IU

Experience IU is a program for first year students at Indiana University designed to facilitate the exploration of the many opportunities available on campus. Students are encouraged to choose 10 events from over 50 options to create a personalized experience.

Experience the Arts: IU has a myriad of arts and culture venues, performances and exhibits. See an opera, visit a museum, or create your own work to increase your appreciate of the many forms of expression.

Embrace Inclusivity: Our community is home to many different voices and experiences. Take the time to have conversations, listen to other perspectives and learn about other ways of being.

Explore Academics and Careers: “You can be anything you want to be”. Take advantage of the many opportunities to learn about different majors and careers to begin to plot your next steps.

Engage in Service and Leadership: Over 700 student organizations provide opportunities to be involved in areas of interest and to engage in the community. Get involved and create your approach to leadership.

Embody Health and Wellness: It is important to take care of ones’ self and we can help you find ways to keep a healthy balance by taking care of mind, body and spirit.

For a list of Experience IU events, explore beINvolved or download the Experience IU app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

    • Prizes:

      Experience IU Incentives

      Attend 3 events: Experience IU Decal

      Attend 5 events: $10.00 Bookstore Gift Card

      Attend 7 events: Experience IU Shirt

      Attend 10 events: Experience IU Fleece Blanket and Reception