NSO Handbook

New Student Orientation Handbook

Welcome from Whitten

Welcome to Indiana University and congratulations to you as you start your Hoosier Experience.

You are part of a long and rich tradition of excellence and pride. You will quickly find that our faculty and staff are passionate about helping students achieve their hopes, dreams, and aspirations and are ready to help you make this experience your own. IU is home to many world-class, unique, and sought-after programs, both in and out of the classroom. Now, it’s your home, too.

My advice to you? Explore the many opportunities that are here for you. Connect your academic pursuits with experiences that allow you to put what you learn into action. Find where you are comfortable, but remember to also seek out experiences that are new to you. Challenge yourself to learn from others who have different perspectives. There is so much that you have access to, simply by being a Hoosier. Soak it in. On behalf of all our faculty, staff and current students—welcome to the IU family.

Pamela Whitten
President, Indiana University

Campus Map

Find everything you're looking for on campus on the IU Mobile app or on our interactive campus map.

Stay On Task Checklist

During Orientation

Review and update your FYE Checklist in the Orientation Portal.

  • If you are living on campus, check the RPS Housing website for updated information about move-in.
  • Use the Move-In Guide as a starting place and create your own checklist with what you plan to bring.
  • Get to know your roommate in advance so there are less surprises.
  • Review information about IU Dining meal plans at dining.indiana.edu.
  • Report your COVID-19 vaccine or request an exemption at
    iu.edu/covid/prevention/covid-19-vaccine.html. All IU students are required to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption before coming to campus.
  • Submit your non-COVID immunization information at
  • Before spending money on technology or software, check out the IU Computer Guide, IUware, and IUanyware for special student discounts and find free software at kb.iu.edu/d/antk.
  • Review information about parking and biking permits if you are planning to bring a car or bike to campus at parking.indiana.edu.
  • Download the Pharos Print app and log into moble.print.iu.edu to print from your device.
  • Connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network—it is the secure network at IU. Use your IU email address and passphrase to connect. Learn more at wifi.iu.edu.
  • Make sure you have completed all your NSO Canvas modules.

Before classes start

  • Meet your RA and go to your floor meetings if you are living on campus.
  • Review and update your emergency notification settings in One.IU to receive IU-Notify immediate danger alerts.
  • Record your name with NameCoach in One.IU to help instructors and peers pronounce it correctly.
  • Download the IU Mobile app and log in to receive notifications, access support resources, and navigate learning at IU.
  • Remember to check your IU email account daily.
  • Pay your bursar bill through One.IU and connect with Student Central if you have any questions.
  • Make a plan for Welcome Week. Some events are required, all are intended to help you have a great start. Find events on the IU Events Calendar at events.iu.edu/bloomington.

During the first month of classes

  • Continue creating your Hoosier Experience by staying connected, exploring IU, and engaging with people and events across campus.
  • Create your Handshake account for access to career development activities. Learn more at studentemployment.cdc.indiana.edu.
  • Complete your required MyStudentBody online modules in One.IU.
  • Seek out opportunities for engaged learning including research, internships, creative activity, and global involvement at engagedlearning.indiana.edu.
  • Explore beINvolved.indiana.edu for information and opportunities about student organizations and leadership opportunities.
  • Set up appointments with your academic advisor and career coach.
  • Download the DoubleMap app for live campus and city of Bloomington bus tracking.
  • Get to know the IU Student Health Center at healthcenter.indiana.edu/about/new-patients.
  • If you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, homesick, or depressed, take some time to review our wellness resources at iu.edu/mental-health.
  • Download the Rave Guardian App to be directly connected to safety resources.
  • Find 3 people who know your name and phone number. Not only is this a great way to build your community, but it is also a good way to stay safe in a new place.

Your First Year

The Office of First Year Experience Programs (FYE) welcomes you to your new home at Indiana University. We are very excited to be the hub for you as you start your Hoosier Experience. Through FYE programs such as New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, and Hoosier Experience programming, we’ll introduce you to IU traditions, welcome you to helpful events, connect you with people and opportunities, and answer your questions about being a Hoosier.

FYE is here to help. Reach out to us anytime at fye@iu.edu, 812-855-4357, our social media, or our office in Eigenmann Residence Center.

Congratulations—and welcome to the Hoosier family!

Welcome Week at IU

Step one of your Hoosier Experience: Attend Welcome Week. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Hoosier family—and to the beautiful IU campus. Exciting events and traditions will help you connect with other students and navigate campus. With both virtual and in-person events—some required, many recommended—you will be glad you chose to become a Hoosier.

The Hoosier Experience

With the Hoosier Experience program, you’ll build your own journey and make your college experience everything you want it to be. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other Hoosiers, find exciting new activities and interests, and learn all about IU Bloomington.

You will have the opportunity to explore, engage, and reflect with events and activities that will challenge you and teach you something new about:

  • Academics & Careers
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership & Engagement
  • Tradition & Community

Earn IU swag by attending and participating in featured Hoosier Experience events and receive the First-Year Hoosier Experience Achievement Award. Learn more at

Watch this video to see how you can create your Hoosier Experience:

Description of the video:

FYE Hoosier Experience How to
Descriptive transcript

[Upbeat music plays.]

[Video: The screen looks like a white sheet of paper. A graphic appears over the paper with a badge icon with a check mark on it, and the words Hoosier Experience.]

Narrator: We know you're excited and ready to start creating your own unique Hoosier experience. And we’re here to help you get started.

[Video: Several small videos appear one at a time in a grid formation. They feature students engaged in different activities, like community service, cultural exhibitions, and cheering at a sporting event.]

Narrator: The Hoosier Experience program is a way for you to make your first year truly your own.

[Video: The videos fade away and the screen shows the white paper background. The words your first year appear at the top of the screen. Then words appear as they are read: academics and careers, arts and humanities, equity and inclusion, health and wellness, leadership and engagement, tradition and community.]

Narrator: With events and activities that will help you learn more about academics and careers, arts and humanities, equity and inclusion, health and wellness, leadership and engagement, and tradition and community.

[Video: The words disappear, and drawings of red tulips pop up at the bottom of the screen. Then a drawing of the Sample Gates appears behind the tulips. Then graphics of a trophy and a certificate appear above the Sample Gates.]

Narrator: The Hoosier Experience program will help you explore IU and expand your world. And you can even earn incentives as you participate.

[Video: The drawing disappears. The words how it works appear on the left and graphic of a phone appears on the right. The IU logo appears on the phone screen with the words IU mobile, find events and opportunities.]

Narrator: Here's how it works. Use the IU Mobile app to find events and opportunities.

[Video: The words on the phone float up and disappear. The be involved logo appears on the phone with the words explore your pathways, track your progress.]

Narrator: And log into be involved to explore your pathways and track your progress.

[Video: The words and graphics float off screen. The words three Hoosier Experience tiers appears.]

Narrator: As you complete activities and get involved on campus, you'll move through three Hoosier Experience tiers.

[Video: The words float up and off screen. A circle floats up from the bottom to the center of the screen. It has a number one above it. A graphic of a magnifying glass and the word explore are in the center of the circle.]

Narrator: Dip your toe in all the IU offers as you explore in tier one.

[Video: An arrow appears that connects circle one to circle two which floats up from the bottom of the screen. Circle two has the word engage and a megaphone graphic in the center.]

Narrator: Dig in deeper as you engage with events and organizations in tier two.

[Video: An arrow appears that connects circle two to circle three which floats up from the bottom of the screen. Circle three has the word reflect and a lightbulb graphic in the center.]

Narrator: And take a moment to reflect on your experience in tier three.

[Video: An arrow appears that connects circle three to a final circle which floats up from the bottom of the screen. The last circle has the word earn and a certificate graphic in the center. A check mark appears next to the word earn.]

Narrator: When you complete each tier, you'll earn exclusive IU swag.

[Video: A number six appears in the first circle, then a number three appears in circle two, and then a number one appears in circle three. Then a three appears in the final circle.]

Narrator: You'll need six activities to complete tier one, three activities to complete tier two, and only one activity to complete tier three. That's three tiers and three different incentives.

[Video: The graphics float off screen and a laptop graphic appears with the be involved logo on its screen. Then the laptop floats away and the badge with a check mark graphic from earlier appears.]

Narrator: Then when you complete all three and record your participation in beINvolved, you'll earn the first year Hoosier Experience achievement award.

[Video: The badge disappears and the video grid showing students in different activities appears again.]

Narrator: So go ahead, start exploring, engaging and creating a Hoosier experience that is uniquely yours.

[Video: The video grid disappears, and the screen goes black. The IU trident logo and the words First Year Experience Programs appears, with the website address f y e dot Indiana dot e d u.]

Narrator: FYE is here with you every step of the way.

[The upbeat music grows louder then fades.]

[End of transcript.]

IU Mobile

Maps and directions, appointments and to-dos, classes and schedules, events and more—find it all on the IU Mobile app. No matter where you are, everything IU is at your fingertips. Download it today and log in for personalized information. Visit mobile.iu.edu to learn more.

Academic Success

Academic planning

Own your educational experience. That means not just going to class, doing homework, and taking tests. It also means using resources, planning ahead, and exploring options and technology—all of which you can access virtually. Refer back to your NSO Canvas modules for more information.

Academic Advisors help you understand degree requirements, explore majors, choose courses, and find resources. You will meet with your academic advisor at least once each semester.

For students who will move from University Division into other schools, University Division provides tools and information for students in all majors to design their IU degree. Check out Explore Programs to find majors, minors, and certificates as well as recommended first courses for each academic program. Visit Choosing Courses to explore skill-building courses required for all majors, and watch videos about IU Bloomington General Education requirements. Explore these resources and more at ud.indiana.edu.

Hear advice from students on how to make the most of your advising and course registration:

If you’re a direct admit into a particular school, you can find out more about academic advising specific to your school at the following:

*COAS includes The Media School; Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design; and Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies.

Find a complete list of academic units at go.iu.edu/1ADf

The Career Development Center is the gateway to career services on the Indiana University Bloomington campus, offering University Division students a strong foundation for career development success. You'll get help identifying who you are, what gifts you have, and how you use them. Visit a Career Coach to explore majors and careers, write a resume, and find part-time jobs. Check out the online Career Guides and Major Guides to learn about careers, interests, skills, and each industry’s preferred educational backgrounds and employment opportunities. Learn more at cdc.indiana.edu and visit career.indiana.edu/students for a full listing of all the different career services offices on the campus.

Academic assistance

Academic Support Center tutoring locations in Briscoe, Forest, and Teter provide workshops, study groups, and other academic support services. Visit academicsupport.indiana.edu for more information.

Student Academic Center resources help you develop learning strategies, perspectives, and behaviors for academic success. Services range from courses, including EDUC-X159 created just for first-year students, to one-on-one academic coaching. Learn more at sac.indiana.edu.

Tutors are available in virtually every academic program. Visit tutoring.indiana.edu to get started.

Living at IU

Living on campus

New, first-year, undergraduate students at Indiana University Bloomington are required to live on campus. If you believe you qualify for an exemption, we prefer that you submit your request before applying for housing.

Find out more at housing.indiana.edu/housing/residency.

We are committed to providing a safe move-in process and living environment for our residents and staff. Our move-in process and safety guidelines for fall 2022 are being developed and will be available online, as well as emailed to all residents during the summer. Find out more at housing.indiana.edu/resources/directions.

Before you move to campus

  • We strongly recommend all students get renters insurance.
  • Connect with your roommate (if you have one).
  • Review the permitted and prohibited items lists.
  • Verify your new mailing address.

Meal plans and dining

IU Dining provides a variety of healthy and nutritious foods to meet the preferences and dietary restrictions of each student. The online tool, NetNutrition®, is available at nutrition.dining.indiana.edu where students can check calories, allergens, and nutritional information. We also have a registered dietitian on staff who works with students to help them plan meals around their needs.

New first-time RPS residents may select one of three IU 7-Day meal plans or the IU 5-Day meal plan. All of these meal plans include Meal Scans at all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, Meal Exchanges to use at pay-as-you-go locations, and Dining Dollars to use at pay-as-you-go locations. Compare the plans at dining.indiana.edu/2022-23-mealplans/compare-meal-plans.

We adjust our operations to provide a safe environment for our guests and staff. Visit the website at dining.indiana.edu for the most recent information.


You will use your CrimsonCard daily to access campus services and resources such as meal plans, printing, and your residence hall. You can also load funds to your CrimsonCard account and use it to make purchases both on and off-campus. Grubhub also accepts CrimsonCard, which gives you access to 300,000+ restaurants nationwide and you’ll be eligible to receive Grubhub+ for FREE, which means no delivery fees! Learn more at crimsoncard.iu.edu.

Getting around

With all of IU’s transportation options, it’s easy to get around campus or explore Bloomington.

Walking and biking are both great ways to get to class—bring a hefty u-lock to secure your bike to a bike rack or rent one of our bike lockers. Don’t forget to register your bike with Parking Operations.

Take the bus, with either the IU Campus Bus or Bloomington Transit—both free with your CrimsonCard. Track the buses using DoubleMap at bloomington.doublemap.com.

Bringing a car to campus is not recommended but is allowed. Visit parking.indiana.edu for information on parking fees and locations.

Visit transportation.indiana.edu for more transportation options, including scooters and rental cars.

Building Community

Create meaningful connections, build leadership skills, and make lifelong friends by getting involved outside of the classroom. Join a student organization, get a campus job, volunteer, perform, cheer on the Hoosiers, make connections through the Hoosier Experience program, and more. Make the most of your experience with these resources:

Get involved

There is always something going on around campus. Looking for something to do? Check out upcoming events at fye.indiana.edu/hoosier-experience.

Use beINvolved, IU’s student involvement platform, to find student organizations, student events, and related news. Log in to beINvolved.indiana.edu to get started.

Learn how Recreational Sports can help you lead an active, healthy lifestyle at recsports.indiana.edu.

Get outside with Outdoor Adventures. Lead an active lifestyle by participating in trips, workshops, and other activities that foster a love of the outdoors. Learn more at outdoors.indiana.edu.

Make a difference with IU Corps by honing your skills alongside professionals who work toward positive social change locally and globally. Learn more at iucorps.indiana.edu.

Check out Sorority and Fraternity Life to learn more about a sorority and fraternity community of more than 8,000. Learn more at go.iu.edu/OSFL.

Find all the ways to get involved from the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. Their advisors can help you find something that sparks your interest and enhances your Hoosier Experience. Learn more at studentaffairs.indiana.edu/get-involved.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

Your IU education includes the time you spend learning with, from, and about others who are not like you. At IU, we denounce all forms of bigotry, hate, and racism. We believe strongly in a society that values the respect and dignity of life for all. Expand your ability to support diversity, equity, and inclusion by embracing the opportunities at IU:

  • Cultural and support centers
  • Festivals, celebrations, religious and cultural holidays, and traditions that are new to you
  • Courses and clubs exploring diversity, cultural engagement, self-discovery, and more
  • Bloomington’s diverse cultural offerings
  • Study abroad opportunities at overseas.iu.edu

For more from the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and
Multicultural Affairs, visit diversity.iu.edu.


When you come to IU you join more than just the university—you also become a member of the Bloomington community. It’s a college town that has so much to offer—over 100 downtown restaurants, local coffee shops, great music venues, art galleries, and more—all within walking distance of campus. Explore our many parks at bloomington.in.gov/parks. Find out all that Bloomington has to offer at visitbloomington.com and visitorcenter.indiana.edu.

For Families

Resources to share with your family

  • As a part of NSO, parents and supporters are able to learn about campus resources and how they can work with IU to help their student succeed. There are a ton of additional resources, including videos and our online Resource Center to explore on our website: fye.indiana.edu.
  • FYE emails a monthly parent newsletter, providing information of particular interest to families of first-year students. After the first year, families will receive newsletters from the Division of Student Affairs.
  • The Parents Advisory Board and the IU Foundation both eagerly seek parent involvement. Find out more at studentaffairs.indiana.edu/about/parents-and-families and iufoundation.iu.edu.
  • Under some circumstances, parents may receive information from the Division of Student Affairs about incidents involving alcohol or other controlled substances. Their office has staff dedicated to supporting parents and students.

Explore parent and supporter resources

Key Resources

First Year Experience Programs

At FYE, we’re here to help you make your first year amazing. We hope you join events, connect with other Hoosiers, and explore the endless opportunities we have for you at IU. If you have questions, reach out to us at fye@iu.edu or 812-855-4357.

Official IU Academic Calendar

Stay up-to-date about class schedules, midterms, finals, and holiday breaks at go.iu.edu/1AxK.

IU Cultural Centers and Institutes

Explore diversity, cultural awareness, and advocacy no matter your ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation, or gender at diversity.iu.edu/cultural-involvement.

Keep track of mandates and changes due to COVID-19 at iu.edu/covid.

Tentative 9-year calendar

Get a long-term jumpstart to planning your years at IU at go.iu.edu/1AxL.

Division of Student Affairs

Learn about The Code, getting involved, support resources, and more: studentaffairs.indiana.edu.

Monitor your finances at studentcentral.indiana.edu.

Residential Programs and Services

For all housing information, visit rps.indiana.edu.


For all dining information, visit dining.indiana.edu.

IU Contact Center

For general questions, call 812-855-IUIU (4848).

The Indiana Promise

Indiana University is a community built on the foundations of academic excellence, personal development, and social responsibility. As a student at IU, you will make—and follow—the Indiana Promise.

I promise that:

  • I will be ethical in my academic work.
  • I will take personal responsibility for what I say and what I do.
  • I will respect the dignity of others, treating them with civility and understanding.

The Indiana Promise expresses a commitment to these values and acknowledges the importance of your individual active participation in the IU experience. It’s a promise not only to Indiana University, but also to yourself. Think about how you will live the Indiana Promise.