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Kick off your IU experience with Welcome Week—a week full of events big and small, academic and social, exciting activities and time-honored traditions—some required, all recommended! You’ll have opportunities to explore campus, meet new people, prep for your first day of classes, and find exactly what you need to make your Hoosier Experience your own.

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Bring your laptop, but leave your air fryer at home.

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Personalize your residence hall room with decorations from local shops.

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Welcome Week video for Welcome Week 2023

Description of the video:

[MUSIC: Heat Waves by Glass Animals]

VIDEO: An aerial view of the Student Building at dawn. A slow pan of a large bass drum with the IU trident and Yamaha and REMO company logos. A slow pan of the Memorial Stadium press box. A close-up of a red stadium seat with the IU trident embossed on it. Flying backward through the Sample Gates at dawn.

WORDS APPEAR: Your Hoosier Experience is about to begin.


VIDEO: A series of quick cuts: Fireworks in Memorial Stadium. Cheering fans wave thunder sticks at a sporting event. A crowd in masks looks up at something out of view. Former interim provost John Applegate, in ceremonial robes, speaks at a Commencement ceremony. The IU Marching Hundred walks by, playing their instruments. Dancers in colorful costumes perform onstage. A student sees how high they can jump at an outdoor event, knocking a Frisbee off a pole. A student bounces a field hockey ball on a hockey stick in front of a sign that says ÒCLUB SPORTSÓ and has the IU Recreational Sports logo. Students play percussion instruments. A crowd claps along as a hip-hop dancer performs. A student hits the bullseye of an outdoor dunk tank, causing another student to fall into the water. A crowd of students outdoors at the annual student involvement fair. A representative of Bloomington International Student Ministries talks with an interested student at the fair. Four students play Jenga Giant and laugh as the tower topples. A group of students wave to the camera. Cheering fans wave thunder sticks and dance. Students in football jerseys pep up the crowd from the football field. Fans cheer at an IU Hoosiers basketball game. A masked cheerleader raises her arms at the end of a stunt. Students dance under brightly colored lights as they watch a band perform on stage. Students raise and wave their phones, with the flashlights on, at a concert. A student wearing sunglasses gets hit with bright pink powder during a color run. An aerial view of campus at dawn.

WORDS APPEAR: See you at IU soon.

VIDEO: The IU trident appears. The screen fades to black.

WORDS APPEAR: First Year Experience, f y e dot indiana dot e d u