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Hoosier Link

Facts about Finances

Bill and Fee Payment

Fee payment at Ivy Tech and IU Bloomington are independent of each other. Students pay tuition and fees to Ivy Tech. They pay room and board and specific Hoosier Link fees to IU Bloomington. Hoosier Link students will receive a bill from each campus, and they are responsible for paying their bills in a timely manner to each institution. Should a student incur a past due balance at either campus, he or she will be dismissed from the program.

Hoosier Link students pay the following campus specific fees:

      IU Bloomington
  • Hoosier Link Program Participation
  • Hoosier Link Residential Learning Community
  • Room and Board
  • Technology
  • Parking
  • Transportation
  • Student ID Card
      Ivy Tech
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Books and Supplies

State and Federal Financial Assistance

Hoosier Link students are considered Ivy Tech students for financial aid purposes. All financial aid is processed through Ivy Tech. Students applying for federal or state financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must put the Ivy Tech Federal School Code of 009917 on the FAFSA. Once a Hoosier Link student is admitted to IU, then financial aid will be processed through IU Office of Financial Aid Assistance.

Student and Parent Loans

Stafford Student Loans and Parent PLUS loans are awarded and certified by Ivy Tech for the Hoosier Link program. The loan application can be completed at Applicants must select Ivy Tech as their institution. Parents applying for PLUS loans must complete an additional form available from the Ivy Tech financial aid office.

21st Century Scholars

 The 21st Century Scholars program will assist in covering the tuition and fees at Ivy Tech. However, the award will not cover any of the IU Bloomington Hoosier Link fees noted above (including room and board). Hoosier Link students participating in 21st Century Scholars will be eligible for the IU Covenant when they successfully transfer to Indiana University Bloomington through guaranteed transfer agreement. The level of financial assistance provided by the IU Covenant will be determined by the student’s level of financial need.

External Scholarships

Students receiving funding from community organizations or other outside donors, should have scholarship checks mailed to Ivy Tech for processing. External scholarships for Hoosier Link students cannot be processed at IU Bloomington.

Indiana University Employee Fee Courtesy Benefit

Unfortunately, the IU fee courtesy benefit cannot be used to cover any tuition or fees at Ivy Tech.

IT Debit Card

Please read the important details here regarding this debit card that all new Ivy Tech students will receive. All Hoosier Link students are required to register this card. Students on Financial Aid will receive their refund from Ivy Tech through this account and can then use the refund towards their bill room, board and fees at IU Bloomington.