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Description of the video:

[Upbeat music plays.]


[Video: An aerial view of the IU Bloomington campus is shown, with limestone buildings and landmarks surrounded by trees and green space. The IU trident logo appears at the top of the screen, and the words welcome to New Student Orientation appear in the middle.]


[Video: The video cuts to Melanie Payne sitting in an office.]


[Words appear: Melanie Payne, Director, First Year Experience Programs.]


Melanie: Hello from beautiful Bloomington, Indiana where we are eagerly waiting to meet our new Hoosiers. I am Melanie Payne and I serve as the Director of the Office of First Year Experience Programs. I wish I was talking to you in person and I'll be so happy when we can meet face-to-face. But in the meantime, I offer my sincere welcome to the IU family from our entire staff. For those of you who are also alumni of IU, a big welcome home to you, too, because once in the Hoosier family, always in the Hoosier family. While your student’s experience as they start college is much like most of our world this past year, a bit different from what they pictured, please know that the campus community is committed to doing everything we can to assist in their transition. We are optimistic about the fall and look forward to introducing your student to life as a Hoosier in person. In the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about Indiana University Bloomington.


[Video: A view of the Indiana Memorial Union is shown, with students walking across the circle drive in front of the large, limestone building. Then an aerial view of the Student Building is show, with its large clock reaching into a blue sky. The large limestone towers of the Wells Library are shown, with other buildings in the background and many trees surrounding them. A view of the IU Auditorium is shown, with banners hanging down the front of the large limestone building. The Showalter Fountain, with sculptures of fish surrounding a reclining woman, is in the foreground. Another view is shown of the street leading into the Arts Plaza on campus, with buildings surrounded by many trees, and a red art sculpture in the grass in front of the Eskenazi Museum of Art.]


Melanie: Our students, faculty, and staff come from all over Indiana, the United States, and even all over the world. Bloomington is the quintessential college town on the edge of the beautiful Hoosier National Forest, and Indiana University is on over eighteen hundred acres of that space.


[Video: An aerial view shows a large residence hall with a grassy courtyard.


Melanie: We are intensely proud of our beautiful campus and excited about what we can offer our students.


[Video: Melanie is in the office.]


Melanie: Indiana University is a large, public, research institution in the always exciting Big Ten. And while some may assume that large and research means impersonal and hard to navigate, it's actually the very opposite.


[Video: An aerial view of the Sample Gates is shown, with flowers blooming in the beds and the tops of campus buildings on either side. Next is a series of scenes showing students in classrooms of different configurations and various technologies being used.]


Melanie: The fact that we are large only means that your student has many, many options, from academic programs to opportunities and to resources. And research, that just means that our faculty are among the very best in the world.


[Video: Melanie is in the office.]


Melanie: In many cases, your student will be learning literally from those who wrote the book. Your student’s orientation experience includes several steps and tools, all specifically designed to help them start their transition as an IU Hoosier.


[Video: A slide presentation is shown, titled online orientation. There are bullet points that appear below as Melanie speaks. The first point reads connect with current and new students. The second point reads prepare for the business of being a Hoosier. The third point reads attend a week of orientation online. The last point reads create a unique Hoosier experience.


Melanie: They will connect with both current and new students, advising staff, and others in this process. We will hep them to prepare by guiding them through the busines of being a Hoosier, including academic advising and course registration. As they attend the week of new student orientation programming, they will being to truly see themselves at IU, as they learn much more about the services, the expectation, the opportunities, and the connections here for them. And finally, we help them to create their own Hoosier experience path, supporting them throughout their year.


[Video: Melanie is in the office.]


Melanie: Your help in reminding your student to complete all required components and to attend all NSO sessions is appreciated. And at IU, orientation isn’t just for the student. We truly value the relationship between the university, the student, and those at home who support the student. I hope that you’ll explore all of the information sessions and options that we have. We will host family orientation sessions as part of your student’s weekly virtual NSO events. You can join in on the group sessions with your student or they can provide us with an email address for a family account to allow you to view live sessions, even from a separate location. We are excited to offer you this chance to connect with the many resources and with our staff at IU. Please use the FYE website as your home base. You will find links to resources and information as well as recorded versions of many of our orientation sessions. Our plan is to walk you and your student through everything, from academics, finances, housing and dining, and health and wellness, and everything that’s here waiting for them.


[Video: A presentation slide is shown that is titled First Year Experience Programs. Below that is a phone number eight one two eight five five H E L P or four three five seven. Below that is an email address, f y e at Indiana dot e d u.


Melanie: We will also do our best to answer your questions along the way as we want to give you and your student with as much information as possible.


[Video: Melanie is in the office.]


Melanie: Thank you for watching. And again, on behalf of our entire staff, welcome to the IU family. We can’t wait to help your Hoosier experience all that is here for them.


[Video: A man is sitting in front of a window.]


[Words appear: Rahul Shrivastav, Executive Director, IU Dining.]


Rahul: Namaste. My name is Rahul Shrivastav, Executive Director of IU Dining. On behalf of IU Dining, welcome to Bloomington and Indiana University.


[Video: A man in an IU hat is standing outside.]


[Words appear: Luke Leftwich, Executive Director, IU Residential Programs and Services.]


Luke: Hi, my name is Luke Leftwich, Executive Director at RPS and I'd like to formally welcome you to the Hoosier family.


[Video: A woman is seen sitting in a chair.]


[Words appear: Mai-Lin Poon, Associate Director, International Student Life.]


Mai-Lin: Welcome home Hoosiers.


[Video: A man in an IU hat is standing in front of a painting.]


[Words appear: Head Coach, IU Men’s Football.]


Archie: This is Coach Allen. Welcome to the Hoosier family. We’re excited to have you here. Go IU. L E O.


[Video: Another man addresses the camera.]


[Words appear: Venkat Venkataramanan, Vice Provost for Finance and Strategy.]


Venkat:  Welcome to the Hoosier family, at Indiana University.


[Video: A woman is shown sitting in front of large bookcase with a mural above it.]


[Words appear: Sara Ivey Lucas, Assistant Dean for Student Care and Parents.]


Sara: Welcome home, I'm glad you're going to live with us.


[Video: A man standing amidst trees.]


[Words appear: Nicky Belle, Director, First Nations, Educational and Cultural Center.]


Nicky: Welcome to IU Bloomington, located on the traditional homelands of the Miami, Shawnee, Delaware, and Potawatomi Nations.


[Video: A woman stands in front of a projected image of one of the Indiana Memorial Union lounges, with students seated couches and chairs throughout the room.]


[Words appear: Teresa Weimann, Assistant Director, Division of Student Affairs.]


Teresa: Hi, welcome to the Hoosier family. We're so excited to have you here.


[Video: Next is a man sitting in an office.]


[Words appear: Bruce Smail, Interim Director, L G B T Q Plus Culture Center.]


Bruce: The L G B T Q Plus Culture Center welcomes you to Indiana University and I look forward to meeting you.


[Video: A woman is shown standing in front of a sign that reads Asian Culture Center, with an address.]


[Words appear: Melanie Cullather, Director, Asian Culture Center.]


Melanie: From all of us at the Asian Culture Center, welcome to IU.


[Video: Another woman is shown sitting indoors with artwork on the wall behind her.]


[Words appear: Lillian Casillas, Director, La Casa Latino Culture Center.]


Lillian: (in Spanish) Welcome to the Indiana University family. (end Spanish) Looking forward to meeting you soon.


[Video: Next is a woman addressing the camera.]


[Words appear: Gloria Howell, Associate Director, Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center.]


Gloria: Welcome to the IU Bloomington family, go Hoosiers.


[Video: Another woman is shown standing indoors.]


[Words appear: Rendy Schrader, Senior Director, International Student and Scholar Programs and Initiatives.]


Rendy: We care about your kids, welcome to the Hoosier family.


[Video: A man is sitting in front of bookcases.]


[Words appear: John Nieto-Phillips, Vice Provost, Diversity and Inclusion.]


John: Indiana University welcomes you.



[Video: A woman with an IU scarf is shown standing outside in front of trees.]


[Words appear: Sacha Thieme, Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director of Admissions.]


Sacha: Parents and family members, welcome to IU.


[Video: A man is shown sitting in front of shelves with family pictures and a young boy in an IU shirt is smiling behind him.]


[Words appear: Dave O’Guinn, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.]


Dave: We are so happy you joined our Hoosier family.


[Video: A man is shown sitting in front of a window.]


[Words appear: David Johnson, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management.]


David: Welcome to the Hoosier family. We are so excited that you and your student have chosen IU and we look forward to being partners on their journey over the next four years. Higher education has the power to change lives and I believe this from my own experience. And I also believe that your student will benefit from the IU education. Thank you for choosing IU and go Hoosiers.


[Video: The screen fades to black and the IU trident logo appears in the middle with the words New Student Orientation First Year Experience Programs underneath.]


[The music gets louder then fades as the video ends.]


[End of transcript.]


Attend NSO live sessions

When your student makes their NSO reservation, they’ll select a date range for their academic advising appointment and student group meeting. This will also grant them access to other NSO live sessions that same week. These sessions will include topics such as:

  • Housing
  • Dining
  • Academics at IU
  • Getting involved
  • Health, well-being, and safety

You can also attend a special family-only session focused on student life, hosted by the Division of Student Affairs. Learn how IU works to support your student through their transition to campus life.

Your student will have access to open drop-in hours to meet with staff from Residential Programs & Services and Student Central to discuss their housing assignment and any finance-related questions. We’ll also host a virtual Resource Center for you and your student to explore the many campus resources available to them.

Most sessions are offered multiple times during the week to allow you and your student the flexibility to build an NSO schedule that best suits your needs. A week prior to their NSO meetings, your student will receive an email with information on how to access NSO live sessions.

Watch 2021 NSO session recordings