Orientation and Transition

New Student Orientation


You’ll take two placement exams to prepare for New Student Orientation. Your scores will help your academic advisor recommend appropriate courses for your first semester and develop a plan for future coursework.

Required Exams

Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE) and Math Placement Exam
These exams are required of all freshmen and most transfer students regardless of AP scores or your academic plans. Transfer students may be exempt if certain conditions are met.

The following languages are available for the Foreign Language Placement Exam: Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. You may take more than one FLPE, but you may only take each language once.

A $51 exam fee will be billed to your bursar account by the IU Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing office.

Transfer students who have IU Bloomington credit for certain levels of classes may be exempt from one or both of the required exams. You will want to check your Transfer Credit Report prior to orientation to determine what IUB credits you have earned with your previous course work. You can find more information about IU's Credit Transfer Service on the IU Office of Admissions website.

For a full list of exemptions and to access these online exams, click here.

Chemistry Placement Exam
The Chemistry Placement Exam is required for students in science majors who will be taking Chemistry courses as well as those in certain health professions programs. This is an online exam, available now at no additional charge, and must be taken before you can enroll in certain introductory chemistry courses. Learn more about the Chemistry Placement Exam here.

Indiana Academic English Test (IAET)
Most international undergraduates entering Indiana University who are nonnative speakers of English are required to take the IAET before beginning studies at IU. For more information about this exam, click here.

Optional Exams

Certain departments offer placement exams to determine advanced placement or credit at IU Bloomington. 

Calculus Advanced Placement Exam 
If you have completed a one-year high school or college calculus course and plan to continue studying calculus at IU, consider taking this exam. Students who pass this exam can earn credit for Math M211. This exam is not offered in the spring.

Biology Departmental Exam 
Consider taking this exam only if you have received excellent grades in two years of high school biology and plan to continue studying biology at IU. Students who pass this exam can earn credit for Biology B111 and/or B112.

During the summer NSO programs, the biology and calculus exams are offered the evening prior and the morning prior to check-in on the first day of your orientation program. During the August and January programs, the biology exam is offered on Day 2 of your program. There is a $25 fee for each optional exam. Exam fees will be billed to your bursar account by the IU Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing office.

IU also awards credit for a variety of College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams. To be considered for credit have a copy of your score report sent to the IU Office of Admissions.