Orientation and Transition

New Student Orientation

To Make Your Reservation

Eligible students may access the reservation system through the FY(Me) link above.  You need to have your IU computing account set up to do so.

The FY(Me) link is activated only when the reservation system is available, and only for students eligible to make their NSO reservation in the upcoming program. Students receive an invitation to NSO at the point the reservation system is available.

All new IU students should plan to check their IU email accounts frequently for this and other official IU information. You can log in to your IU email account at One.

Three tips:

  • Make your reservation as soon as you receive your invitation.
  • Once you receive your initial electronic confirmation, plan your travel to attend the full program. Do not do so before making your reservation and know which date and program time you have reserved.  When planning travel, keep in mind that Bloomington is in the eastern time zone and observes daylight saving time.
  • You should be the one to log in and complete the form, but we suggest involving your parents in your choice. You can even enter their email addresses so that they receive a copy of your confirmation.
Electronic Confirmation

After you complete your orientation reservation, you’ll receive an email confirmation at your IU email address. We’ll also send a copy to any parent email addresses you provide when you make your reservation.

Your confirmation will include details about your program, including the date and schedule. After you receive the confirmation, you can make your travel arrangements—just keep in mind the starting and ending times of your program, and whether you’ll take any optional placement exams.

Later, you’ll also receive a preparation packet.