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Eskenazi Museum of Art

Get to know the Eskenazi Museum of Art and everything it has to offer. 

Description of the video:

[cheerful music playing in background]


[Video: Red text in all caps reading, “Know Before You Go:” appears on the screen. Red text reading, “Eskenazi Museum of Art” slides in from the right. The Hoosier Experience logo, which includes a red check mark, fades up in the center under this text. This graphic is replaced by a video of two people looking at the main entrance to the Eskenazi Museum of Art, which has a red loop sculpture in the front. The camera pans back, and the students look at each other.]


Student 1: Have you been to the museum?


[Video: The camera quickly accelerates forward to pan under the red loop sculpture. Words in white text fades up to appear at the bottom of the image, reading, “It’s free for all guests.” This video is replaced by a video of two different students in the main lobby of the museum looking up and looking amazed. The camera slowly pans to the right. The text reading, “It’s free for all guests,” is still at the bottom center.]


Student 2: Wow. How did they?


[Video: The white text fades away. The video of the two student is replaced by a video of the ceiling of the museum. It is a triangular shaped glass ceiling with metal bars fortifying it. The shadows from the bars are projected on the tan walls of the museum.]


[audio: hammering and chiseling sounds, cheerful music continues]


[Video: Another video of the ceiling appears, this time showing more of the glass ceiling and the sunlight shining through it, illuminating a sculpture that reaches to the ceiling. The camera is moving in a circular motion. This is then replaced by a video of the camera ascending in a diagonal up the interior stairs of the museum. This is quickly replaced via a whoosh retreat transition (accompanied by a whoosh sound) by a video of a student wearing a jean jacket and backpack looking at the interior of the museum as he stands in the lobby. The camera then circles to show this student with another female student, the standing together. White text fades at the bottom, reading, “Come with an open mind- you don’t need to know about art.” The camera slows, then speeds again to whoosh transition to two museum employees in blue uniforms smiling. The white text reading, “Come with an open mind- you don’t need to know about art.” remains at the bottom of the screen.]


Museum Employee: Hi guys, welcome to the museum.


Museum Employee #2: You can store your backpacks in our free lockers, just this way.


[Video: The video whoosh transitions to the locker room in the museum. There are white square lockers. The camera moves throughout the room, stopping momentarily on two women putting a backpack and jacket in a locker. The camera cuts to a close-up shot of the stuff in the locker.]


Student: The lockers are free?


[Video: The student closes the locker and dials the lock. This close-up cuts to a medium shot of someone quickly flipping through the pages of a book. White text fades up at the bottom reading, “It’s a great place to study.” The camera slowly moves back.


Student: It's my secret study spot.I get so much done.


[Video: The camera continues to fade out and pans to show a man looking at the book he was just flipping through and taking notes. He is seated at a table in a room with drawings framed on the walls and square drawers under the framed drawings. The camera continues to move backward, and an effect occurs to make it seem like the camera is fading through the glass. Then the camera is on the outside of the glass, still facing the man seated at the table taking notes. It then quickly circles to the right to transition to a set of doors leading into a museum exhibit. The same effect occurs to make it seem like the camera is going through the glass on the doors. It then moves throughout the exhibit, showing framed art pieces on the wall and a television playing a videographic art piece. White text fades up at the bottom reading, “Stop by between classes.”]


Narration: I take time to go to the museum in between classes.


[Video: The camera quickly circles to the left to show a person sitting on a bench in the exhibit, looking at a wall filled with framed drawings. The text at the bottom fades away.]


Narration: It's really inspiring.


[Video: The video quickly transitions to a video of a person sitting at a different bench in a dark room screening a videographic art piece where two eyes are very close together, blinking slowly.]


Narration: They're really on the cutting edge.


[Video: The camera pulls away from the person sitting on the bench watching the eyes video, then pans quickly to the right. The screen fades to white then quickly fades to show a view from the café in the museum. There is an art installation of white bent rectangles hanging from the ceiling, and in the background, you can see the glass ceiling from earlier in the video with sunlight shining through it. The camera moves up to look at the ceiling that has the art installation hanging from it. Words in white text fade up at the bottom reading, “Meet up for a snack.”]


Narration: My friends and I meet up atthe cafe all the time.


[Video: The camera pans to the right and down to show the café, with a barista working in the background and two people seated and talking. The text fades away.]


Narration: It's kind of our spot.


[Video: The camera whoosh transitions to show a male patron standing in an exhibit, looking at the art. The camera quickly circles to behind him to show the art piece he is looking at, a shiny blanket-like specimen with color sprinkled throughout in the form of stripes and small squares.]


Narration: They have art from everywhere.


[Video: The camera quickly zooms into the art piece then it changes to a close-up of another art piece, a brown, white, yellow, and light blue splatter painting. The camera continues to zoom out to show two women looking at the painting. White text fades up at the bottom saying, “Explore world-famous art.”]


Narration: I can't believe that's all here.


[Video: The woman on the right takes out her phone and takes a picture of the painting. The text fades away, and the camera quickly zooms into the phone then another phone appears, which is taking a picture of a sculpture. The woman holding the phone looks at the picture she took, and the man next to her joins to look too. The camera moves backwards, then move forwards again as the woman swipes through pictures of other art pieces on her phone. The camera quickly zooms into the phone, and this video is replaced by a painting of a bay with sailboats in the water on the right and a grassy bank with a fence, trees, and pedestrians on the left. The camera pulls back to show the elegant golden frame this painting is in. A person stands on the left sketching on a paper. The camera quickly zooms to the right, and the image transitions to show people standing in an exhibit. A guide is giving a presentation about a large art piece showing ornate carvings into rectangles encased by dark grey wood. White text reading, “Take a guided tour.” fades up at the bottom. The camera zooms into a panel on the art piece, then the video transitions to an exhibit. Multiple sculptures appear in the exhibit, with a large, fish-shaped sculpture in the center. The video cuts to another panoramic video of a brown sculpture made out of metal shows a person on a boat-like structure atop a circle with various shapes hanging off of it. Then it cuts to a video of a sculpture of a person with their hands in the air. The video does a kaleidoscope-esque transition to show a person painting. It them moves to a different person sketching. White text fades up at the bottom reading, “Try out art therapy.”


Narration: I didn't know I was an artist.


[Video: The video pans to the left to show a woman standing up, speaking to someone seated. They are smiling together and pointing at an artwork that is out of frame.]


Narration: I discovered that I really like painting through taking art therapy.


[Video: The video quickly pans to the left and shows another person seated, cutting out images from a magazine. The camera pans down to show the artwork on the table, which includes paint and paintbrushes and magazine clippings. It then focuses on another person cutting an ornate image out. The video quickly zooms and transitions to a quick view of the museum ceiling, then pans down to show more of the interior of the museum. White text fades up at the bottom reading “Come as you are—no need to dress up.” Two students walk together through the lobby, looking around a smiling. The text fades away. The image zoom transitions to show the glass ceiling with the shadows from the ceiling projecting onto the interior walls of the museum once more. The video slowly moves to the left, and text reading “Eskenazi Museum of Art” in bold, all caps font fades up with all caps font reading “Indiana University” underneath it. A white triangle is to the left of the words.


Narration: Stop by the Eskenazi Museum of Artand get inspired.


[Video: The image fades to white, then fades to black. White text in the center reading “First Year Experience Programs,” fades up, along with a red IU trident centered above the text and the URL centered below it. These graphics slowly grow on the screen, then the screen fades to black.]

IU Auditorium

Discover world-class musicals, performances, artists, lectures, and more at the IU Auditorium.

Description of the video:

Voiceover: IU Auditorium sits atthe center of the campus Arts District,amid world-class art exhibition galleries,student performance spaces,and concert halls,along with a nationally recognized cinema.We'll bring you the very best of Broadway,comedians at the height of their careers,national touring artists,and performances atthe cutting edge of live theatre.We also host cultures andtraditions from around the world,help you discover new ideas,and connect our campus withinfluential innovators who move us forward.Whether you're here for a night out,to train and learn withindustry professionals or tohelp create the magic from behind the scenes,we're excited for you to be a part of it all.IU Auditorium ismore than a performing arts venue,it's your living laboratory.


Audio: Instrumental music plays throughout the video.


Visual Transcript:


Video begins with an aerial view of IU Auditorium’s main entrance on a sunny day, seen from across the square with Showalter Fountain in front. There is foot traffic through around the Auditorium, and a few vehicles, including an IUB Campus Bus. The camera moves back from the main entrance. Video cuts to a street level view of the Auditorium’s main entrance, with two students crossing in front. The words “Indiana University Auditorium” appear in white text on screen. The voiceover begins and runs throughout the video.


The video pans around Showalter Fountain, showing the view down 7th Street. Cut to a view of the Eskenazi Museum of Art, seen through the Indiana Arc, Charles Perry’s red circular sculpture. Video cuts to the entrance of the Grunwald Gallery, between the Eskenazi Art Museum entrance and the IU Auditorium. Video quick cuts between outside pans of the Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center, and a front view of the Musical Arts Center, both on Jordan Avenue on the IU Bloomington campus. The video cuts the limestone entrance of the IU Cinema. Outside the Cinema is a marquis box labeled “Theatre” with a poster advertising the film “The Commune” inside.


The video cuts between clips of the Broadway Musical series: Disney’s Belle twirls in front of women and men dressed as dishes in Beauty and the Beast; the ensemble cast of Les Miserables marches on a dimly lit stage; three women in blue diner waitress uniforms lean together over baking utensils in front of racks of baking supplies in Waitress. The video then cuts between stand-up comedians performing on stage: Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah, Dave Chappelle. Quick cuts then show a line-up of National Touring Artists: Chance the Rapper performing on stage; Straight No Chaser performing outdoors; and Martin Short and Steve Martin speaking together on a stage with a piano in the background.


The video then cuts between dance performance: a ballet scene on a bare stage backlit in blue with two men kneeling, two men standing, four women in between; The Blue Man Group with members wearing large percussion units made of winding pipe in front of a multimedia background; a man dancing in front of a video screen with images of himself.


The video then cuts between photos of cultural events: Tibetan monks seated on stage, with the audience scene in the background; students and auditorium staff posing with 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. Following are video clips: Evidence, A Dance Company, performing dance that draws inspiration from African, Latin American and Caribbean dance and focuses on the narrative of African Diaspora; the Chinese New Year Gala, with brightly dressed dancers operating a dragon puppet in circles around the stage.


The video then cuts between photographs of influential speakers: Laverne Cox speaking at a podium, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s headshot; Meryl Streep accepting an honorary degree on stage with IUB faculty, dressed in graduation robes from various post-grad programs; John Kerry speaking at a podium, with a crimson Indiana University School of Global and International Studies banner in the background; Dr. Maya Angelou speaking with a student; Bernie Sanders speaking at a podium with a crowd in the background – the slogan “A Future to Believe In” is shown on the podium and on signs held by some audience members.


The video cuts between images of: Terry Crews smiling and holding a microphone; audience members laughing; students standing in a line on stage while a man (turned away from the camera) speaks to them; an orchestra conductor shaking a student’s hand – the student holds an oboe and other students are seated in chairs either with instruments or paper and pen; a ballet class working at ballet barres with a female instructor; a male ballet instructor helping students with arm and hand positioning; an orchestra rehearsal; a male lecturer in front of students seated in rows – one student wears a Singing Hoosiers t-shirt.


The video cuts to: video of student entering the auditorium and an employee scanning tickets; an usher helping patrons find their seats in the auditorium; hands moving sliders on a sound and light board; an auditorium staff member giving direction to ushers in the auditorium lobby; ushers seated in the auditorium while staff members in orange shirts (with the white words staff) give direction; a box office employee greeting a patron at the ticket counter; a view of the patron speaking to the box office employee as seen from inside the box office; a video of the box office employee handing the patron ticket’s under the ticket counter window; ushers lined up inside the auditorium with programs, ready to greet patrons; a staff member assisting two patrons in the auditorium aisle; an usher taking a patron’s ticket to help them find their seat; smiling patrons chatting with a staff member; a crowd walking down the entrance corridor of the auditorium; the cast of Beautiful! The Carole King Musical, with the lead actress playing piano and singing downstage; audience members smiling; audience members exiting the auditorium in the main lobby; a statue of two women; a plaque reading “Auditorium 1939 Indiana University, Herman B. Wells President” with information about the Board of Trustees; patrons walking around the lobby area; patrons walking around the main entrance at night.


The video then cuts to a view of the outside of the auditorium at night. As the camera pans back, the words “Indiana University Auditorium” appear in white.


The screen fades to black. The words fade.


End of Video.


End of Transcript.

Indiana Memorial Union

Explore the Indiana Memorial Union, a vibrant hub in the heart of campus.

Description of the video:

[Video: The video opens with a photo of the IMU, which the words “Division of Student Affairs Indiana Memorial Union” in white, with the IU logo in red. Note: Each section of the voiceover is a voiced by a new speaker.]


Voiceover 1: The Indiana Memorial Unionwhere all Hoosiers meet,learn, eat, relax, lead,play, get involved, and so much more.


[Video: The video cuts to two students sitting outside at a table doing work, then to students holding flags with many different colors. The white flag says “Student Involvement and Leadership Center”, the orange flag says “Advocacy and Political”, dark red says “IU corps”, green says “International and Multicultural”, red says “Sororities and Fraternities”, yellow says “Academic and Professional” and blue says “Sports and Recreation”.]


Voiceover 1: For over 100 years,this campus living roomhas brought Hoosiers together.


Video: The video changes to a photo of student in the IMU, sitting in the comfy chairs and working on their laptops. Cut to red with the words “The IMU is where all Hoosiers get involved” in white.]


Voiceover 2: The IMU is whereall Hoosiers get involved.Enhance your IU experienceby getting involved with oneof the more than 800 student organizations.


[Video: The video changes to an overhead photo the Student Involvement Fair in Alumni Hall in the IMU. There are tables set up with banners, posters, and marketing materials for different student organizations and community groups. Students and representatives are pictured. Speaking bubbles appear and disappear over different people in the photo, indicating active discussion. The video shifts to an overhead photo of the Student Involvement Fair outside in Dunn Meadow, the IMU’s front lawn. There are tables set up spanning the entire lawn, and a crowd of students and representatives. Image changes to a ground-level view of the same outdoor Student Involvement Fair.]


Voiceover 2: Attend the Student Involvement Fairat the beginning of each semester todiscover organizations,sororities, fraternities,or other groups to join.


[Video: The video changes to more images in and around the Indiana Memorial Union: two students at a tabling event for the Indiana University Korean Student Association; an inside view of the Student Involvement tower, which displays banners from the different IU schools. During the next voiceover segment, the video shifts to a group photo of the Union Board swearing in ceremony, a video clip of that Union Board ceremony, a group photo of the Union Board, and a student speaking at a podium in front of an IU Student Government banner.]


Voiceover 2: The IMU Student Involvement Tower housesdozens of student organizations,including the largeststudent programming boardon campus and the IMU's governing board -Indiana Memorial Union Board,as well as IU's Student Government,the four Greek councils, and many more.


[Video: The video shifts to more images, including a staff member speaking to a group of students and two students in institute shirts taking notes.]


Voiceover 2: Student Involvement andLeadership Center advises numerous studentorgs and supportsleadership initiatives all across campus.


[Video: Video fades to a red screen with the text, “The IMU is where all Hoosiers eat.]


Voiceover 3: The IMU is where all Hoosiers eat.


[Video: The video shows students waiting in line to order their food at the IMU Starbucks. Text bubbles appear and disappear to indicate conversation. Video pans to the Starbucks seating area. Cut to: the outside of the Circle Café, showing its sign; the dining area of the Tudor Room, an elegant dining room hung with banners; the entrance to the Union Market; and the sign for The Globe, with its restaurant rotation and service hours listed.]


Voiceover 3: Whether you're looking fora coffee, quick snack,or meal, the IMU has you covered.Choices include an ever popular Starbucks,the Circle Café for quick bites,the Tudor Room forlunch and brunch buffets,the Union Market for grab-and-gosnacks and gifts, and The Globe forthe best of Bloomington ina rotating schedule of local ethnic lunches.


[Video: The video changes to show the construction in progress at the Indiana Memorial Union, where new eateries and dining concepts will be added.]


Voiceover 3: Additionally, when the dining renovationis complete in 2021,there will be new original eateries opening,and more comfortable spacesfor eating and meeting.It's gonna look and taste amazing.


[Video: Video fades to a red screen with the text, “The IMU is where all Hoosiers have fun” in white.]


Voiceover 4: The IMU is where all Hoosiers have fun.


[Video: The video cuts between clips of students participating in activities at the IMU, including: students dancing with glow-sticks; students at a concert; students running into the Indiana Memorial Union to participate in Late Nite; students on stage performing for an audience.]


Voiceover 4: The IMU hosts hundreds of events each year:concerts, dances,lectures, and other performances.IU Late Nite offersdifferent entertaining optionsfrom karaoke to crafts to carnivalsevery Friday night.


[Video: The video cuts to an image of students in the outdoor amphitheater, watching a movie projected on a screen. Then cuts to an inside view of the seating in the Whittenberger Auditorium.]


Voiceover 4: Most weekends Union Board Films showsscreenings free to all IU studentsand staff, and it'sonly two dollars for everyone else.


[Video: Fade to a red screen with the words, “The IMU is where all Hoosiers relax” in white. Then, the video changes to show the fireplace in the IMU, which is a popular space for students to study.]


Voiceover 5: The IMU is where all Hoosiers relax.The IMU provide spaces and placesfor you. There are so many waysto make the IMU yours.


[Video: The images shift between videos the Jordan River, which is a body of water that flows through IU’s campus; a bridge over the Jordan River leading into the IMU; two students studying at a table in front of large windows inside the IMU; and the IMU lounge area, with students studying on couches near a fireplace.]


Voiceover 5: Three iconic lounges,patio along the Jordan River, Dunn Meadow -the IMU's front yard, or other nooks where youcan find a space to meet,study or even catch a nap between classes.


[Video: Fade to a red screen with the words, “The IMU is where all Hoosiers play” in white. Then, the video changes to show clips of the bowling alley, and various images of the billiards tables and students playing at them.]


Voiceover 6: The IMU is where all Hoosiers play.Bowling and Billiardshas 12 bowling lanes,billiards tables, table tennis, and more,offering the perfect break for you andyour friends.


[Video: The video cuts between images, including: a student climbing the bouldering wall in Eigenmann Hall, one of IU’s Residence Halls; the IU Outdoor Adventures shop, also located in Eigenmann Hall; students white-water rafting; a student attaching a belay rope in the rock climbing area, supervised by a staff member; students in hiking gear posing by a waterfall; and a student hiking with mountains in the background.]


Voiceover 6: Just down the roadin Eigenmann Hall, but stillpart of the IMU family,IU Outdoor Adventuresprovides opportunities toparticipate in adventure trips, workshops,and other meaningful outdoor activitiesin Bloomington and beyond.


[Video: Fade to a red screen with the words “The IMU is where all Hoosiers belong” in white.]


Voiceover 7: The IMU is where all Hoosiers belong.


[Video: Cuts between images, including: the outdoor patio tables at the IMU; the outside entrance of the IU Bookstore; a student walking through the IMU Computer Lab.]


Voiceover 7: There is so much to do and experience atthe Indiana Memorial Union. Resourcesto help you succeed,like the IU bookstore, computer lab,as well as the Crimson Card Office.


[Video: Cuts between images: an event with cocktail tables in Alumni Hall; an outdoor view of the entrance to the Biddle Hotel; the lobby of the Biddle Hotel.]


Voiceover 7: Meeting rooms, ballrooms,and even the 189 room Biddle Hotelwhere your familycan stay when they visit you.The IMU is uniquely IU and unique at IU.


[Video: Cut to video of student and car traffic at the front entrance of the Biddle Hotel area of the IMU.]


Voiceover 1: We see all Hoosiers as members of the IMU,friends of the IMU.


[Video: Cut between images of the IMU: the patio area; students sitting around a fire in front of the solarium at night.]


Voiceover 1: No matter your major,your interests or your class schedule,you will discover your IMU experience.


[Video: Aerial view of the IMU on a sunny day.]


Voiceover 1: The Indiana Memorial Unionis where all Hoosiers belong.


[Video: Fades to a black screen showing the words “Division of Student Affairs Indiana Memorial Union” in white font and a link to the IMU Website.


[End of video]


[End Transcript]

Recreational Sports

Find out about Recreational Sports at IU—facilities, group exercise, intramural sports, aquatics, personal training, club sports, and more!

Information presented may have changed since these videos were produced. We have done our best to keep the information current, but if you have questions, it is best to connect directly with the sponsoring office.