Zoom Tips

Get acquainted with Zoom

Don’t be intimidated—the Zoom platform that you will use for your NSO advising appointment makes it easy for you to connect virtually. With Zoom, you will be able to talk to your advisor in real time and plan your ideal course schedule.

A few days prior to your appointment, you will receive an email with your specific time and a link to access the Zoom room. You should use a computer with a webcam, microphone, and internet for your appointment—so you may need to plan ahead to have access to these resources.

To attend your virtual meeting:

  • Download the Zoom application for desktop. Zoom will automatically open the application when you click the meeting link. If this is your first Zoom meeting, you will be prompted to download the application when you first attempt to join the meeting.
  • Ensure that your computer and the Zoom application have the proper security settings so that you can easily share your screen.
  • Access the Zoom link only on the date and time of your appointment.
  • On the date and time of your appointment, access the meeting from a computer—not a phone—so you can share your screen with your advisor.
  • Once you access the meeting, update your Zoom username to display your name by selecting “Participants,” then “Rename.”
  • When you enter your Zoom meeting, you will have to wait until the official start time. You will then be brought into the main Zoom meeting room to review important information and will later be sent into a breakout room for your advising appointment.