Hoosier Experience

Make the most of your Hoosier Experience!

Create your own unique IU experience by attending Hoosier Experience events that will continue to educate you on a wide variety of resources and opportunities. We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and explore events that will challenge you and teach you something new.

Attend six featured Hoosier Experience events and earn the First-Year Hoosier Experience Achievement Award. This award will help you stand out to future employers by showing your engagement on campus.

Explore events in each Hoosier Experience category.

Academics & Careers: “You can be anything you want to be.” Take advantage of the many opportunities to learn about different majors and careers to begin to plot your next steps.

Arts & Humanities: IU has a myriad of arts and culture venues, performances, and exhibits. See an opera, visit a museum, or create your own work to increase your appreciate of the many forms of expression.

Equity & Inclusion: Our community is home to many different voices and experiences. Take the time to have conversations, listen to other perspectives, and learn about other ways of being.

Community & Engagement: Students contribute to our communities in many ways. Connect to the Bloomington and campus community by participating in service, exploring events, and learning about the important issues of the day. 

Build your Hoosier Experience

Download the IU FYE app to start creating your first-year experience. On the Welcome Week and Hoosier Experience guide, you can view event schedules, add events to your calendar, learn about helpful resources, and more! Look for the guide this summer.