Get Involved

From your first day at IU, you’re surrounded by opportunities to explore your interests and prepare for your future. One of the most rewarding ways you can get involved is through the Office of First Year Experience Programs.

O-team member gives directions to students new to campus.

Help New Students Become Hoosiers

FYE student staff members help new students discover their life-changing IU experience. It’s a big responsibility, but an extremely rewarding one. Just like other IU students helped you adjust to life here and feel welcome, you can do the same for future Hoosiers.

Working at FYE has many other benefits too. You’ll become an IU expert who knows lots of people on campus. You’ll gain experience and hone your leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. You’ll work with other enthusiastic students who may become some of your closest friends. And you’ll get to share your love of IU.

Explore Our Positions and Apply

Students who work with FYE include volunteers and paid students in a variety of roles.

  • The Orientation Team (OTeam) consists of Orientation Leaders, Orientation Specialists and Assistants, and Student Coordinators. All positions are undergraduate, paid positions.  Recruitment for the OTeam takes place in late fall and early spring semester.

  • Welcome Week Team are volunteers who work specifically with the planning, implementation, and marketing of Welcome Week events. They are selected in early-mid the spring semester. The expected commitment includes a few hours during spring semester in planning, a small amount of communication over the summer, and approximately 10 days in August, through opening and Welcome Week.
  • FYAmbassadors is a undergraduate student organization that assists FYE with event marketing and planning throughout the academic year.
  • Tau Sigma is a undergraduate transfer student organization that works with FYE to customize the transfer student first-year experience.
  • We also offer Graduate Internships to graduate students in Higher Education and Student Affairs who help to plan and manage Orientation programs through the summer.