Orientation and Transition

New Student Orientation

Academic Advising

You may know exactly what you want to study, or you may want to explore IU’s 150-plus majors. Either way, IU’s advisors will help you make academic decisions that fit your needs and goals.

Advising at New Student Orientation

During orientation, you and your parents and guests will attend a group session about the basics of advising, degree requirements, and academic program expectations.

Then you’ll meet one on one with an IU academic advisor. (Parents and guests can’t attend your individual advising appointment.) Your advisor will help you make decisions about your academic plan and courses.

Prepare for Your Advising Appointment

University Division (UD), the first year academic home and advising resource for most new IU students, suggests five steps for preparing for advising.

Be sure to bring your completed Academic Planning Worksheet to orientation.

Advising During Your First Year

You’ll meet with an academic advisor throughout the year too, to help you choose courses and plan your academic career. He/she may not be the same advisor you met with at orientation. If you enter IU in the fall, you’ll have a follow-up meeting with your advisor for the year during Welcome Week. Plan to meet with your advisor every semester.