Good To Know

Parents: FYE is here to help you succeed as an IU parent. You’re part of the IU family too.

IU President McRobbie's wife shakes hands with new IU parent while mom and student look on.

For Parents

You want your student to succeed at IU, and we’re here to help you. One of the best ways to support your student is for you to be informed about available resources. We take the partnership of the student, family, and IU seriously. Together we all have the success of your student as the goal. This section is designed to provide you with information, suggestions, and links that will be useful. Check back occasionally as we will be adding items throughout the year.

It’s good to know what’s happening on campus, how your student may be feeling as the academic year progresses, and where your student can go to get a tutor or find a part-time job.

As the parent of an IU student, you’ll also become an automatic member of the Parents Association. This association coordinates Freshman Family Weekend and Parents Weekend, and publishes its newsletter, Campus Life, twice a year.